SILK: Social - Progress: The Adventure

Silk came to us for a social-media idea to extend their current campaign, Progress is Perfection.

Progress isn’t linear. There are countless paths on the road to success. Ran a mile today? Great. Ordered the overnight oats instead of bacon, eggs, and a pitcher of mimosa? Also great!

Progress: The Adventure is like an ad with different storylines. By utilizing IGS and poll stickers, people were able to choose between different actions and variations of progress. It was sort of like a choose-your-own-adventure novel, except the end result was always the same, because either choice was progress!
ECDs: Rick Utzinger, Patrick Figueroa 
ACD: Jay Morrison, Simon Roseblade
AD: Sam Christian
CW: Brendan Howard

Brooklyn, NY
/ 612.790.0140 /